University Calendar.

*Open to the Public. **Open to the University.

Tuesday, March 21.

FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. Meeting at University 5, 4 P. M.

FACULTY OF DIVINITY. Meeting at the Divinity Library, 8 P. M.

MODERN LANGUAGE CONFERENCE. "Two Lamentable Tragedies," Mr. R. A. Law. Assembly Room, Harvard Union, 8 P. M.

**GEOLOGICAL CONFERENCE. Papers: "Geological Features near Canton, Mass.," Mr. A. K. Adams (25 minutes); "Glacial Lakes in Northern Vermont," Professor J. B. Woodworth (20 minutes). Geological Lecture Room, 8 P. M.


*POLITICAL CLUB. "Personal Experiences with Place Hunters," Mr. Charles Joseph Bonaparte. Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum, 8 P. M.