First Performance in Brattle Hall at 8, Successful Graduates' Night.

The Deutscher Verein will give the first public performance of its eighth annual play, "Der Raub der Sabinerinnen," by Franz and Paul von Schonthan, this evening at 8 o'clock in Brattle Hall. The play will be repeated tomorrow evening in Potter Hall, Boston. Tickets for either performance may be had of C. E. Ware. Jr., Matthews 18, and will also be on sale at the door of the hall after 7.30 o'clock. The Mandolin Club will furnish music at both performances.

The Graduates' performance last evening was thoroughly successful and produced uproarious laughter. The play was carried through without a break and with unceasing action and spirit. Exceptionally perfect pronunciation, characteristic costumes and effective setting maintained a convincing German atmosphere.

C. Ehlermann. Jr., '05, as Martin Gollwitz, the old professor, sustained a difficult part with conspicuous success, which had its culmination in the quarrel and reconciliation with Friederike in the fourth act. As the actor-manager Striese, C. Kempner '06, showed ability seldom seen among amateurs. His return in the third act from the failure of the Professor's tragedy was one of the most amusing scenes in the play. The Emil Gross of H. Hagedorn, Jr., '07, was very delightful, his accent and mannerisms receiving frequent applause.

Of the feminine charters, that of Marianne. Dr. Neumeister's wife, taken by N. Edwards '05, was exceedingly attractive, and won continual approval by Edwards almost deceptive ability to look and act the part. P. G., Henderson '05, as Friederike. In the quarrel scenes with Gollwitz, showed inimitable handling of a trying part, and created much laughter, as did the Paula of G. A. Schneider '07, who took clever advantage of his many opportunities. F. W. Cloud '05, as Dr. Neumeister, showed a very pleasing restraint and never stepped out of his part. H. Bowditch '05, as Karl Gross, "aus Berlin," and T. W. Knauth '07, as Rosa, the maid, contributed well to the atmosphere of the play.

The cast: Martin Gollwitz, Professor,  C. Ehlermann, JR., '05 Friederike, seine Frau,  P. G. Henderson '05 Paula, deren Tochter,  G. A. Schneider '05 Dr. Neumeister,  F. W. Cloud '05 Marianne, seine Frau,  N. Edwards '05 Striese, Theater director,  C. Kempner '06 Karl Gross, aus Berlin,  H. Bowditch '05 Emil Gross. genannt Sterneck,  H. Hagedorn '07 Rosa, Magd.  T. W. Knauth '07 Meissner, Diener,  S. M. Dorrance '05 August, Diener,  R. L. Hale '06