Plot and Cast of H. P. C. Play

Rehearsals of "Machiavelli," the musical comedy which the Hasty Pudding Club will present this year, have been held regularly for the past three weeks. Mr. Lindsay Morison of the Castle Square Theatre Company is coaching the principals, and Mr. John Coleman has charge of the dancing. The book and lyrics are by G. Aertsen '05, and the music by L. B. Hall '05.

The scene of both acts is laid at Machiavelli's villa near Florence, in the year 1500. Machiavelli is an ardent devotee of the art of lying and in the practice of this art grossly slanders his ancestors. The ghost of di Luto, his great grandfather, appears to him at midnight in the garden of his villa and decreses that as a punishment for his irreverence, Machiavelli shall ever afterwards lie, but, upon the intercession of his daughter Lucrezia, di Luto agrees that if by telling a lie he shall ever be able to tell the truth, the curse shall be removed. Machiavelli, who can now only lie, at once conceives a great desire to tell the truth.

De Trop, who has fallen in love with Lucrezia from a momentary glimpse, at last discovers her whereabouts and is successfully pressing his suit when interrupted by Machiavelli, who, however, agrees to consent to the match if de Trop shall persuade di Luto to remove the curse. One scheme, in which a bee plays an important part, comes to a dismal end. Finally by a happy thought, De Trop enables Machiavelli to fulfil the condition; the curse is removed, and the lovers are united.

The cast will be as follows:

The following performances will be given: graduates' night, April 29; open performance in the clubhouse theatre, May 1; performances in Jordan Hall, Boston, May 3, 4, 5 and 6. There will be no matinee. Niccolo di Bernardo Machiavelli,  A. E. Hutchinson '06 Lucrezia, his daughter,  W. M. Tilden '05 Giuseppi di Luto, Machiavelli's great-grandfather,  J. D. Nichols '06 Parthos d'Artagan de Marsac de Trop, cadet of Gascony,  B. Joy '05 ?, his absent-minded servant,  G. H. Field '06 Laura, Lucrezia's tiring-woman,  C. S. Bird, Jr., '06 Alfred Dante Petrarch,  W. P. Sanger '05 Father Tedium,  C. S. Adams '05