University Calendar

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Thursday, April 27.

BOYLSTON PRIZES FOR ELOCUTION. Professor Briggs will be in Sever B, at 3.30 P. M., to consider the selections offered by competitors. Last day for receiving names of competitors.

BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONCERT. Soloist: Madame Szumowska. Sanders Theatre, 7.45 P. M. Program: Mendelssohn, Overture, "Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage"; Chopin, Concerto in E Minor, No. 1; Brahms, Symphony, No. 1.

**NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY.--"Some Animal parasites," Mr. W. M. Barrows; "Work at the Harvard Engineering Camp," Mr. A. K. Adams. Committee Room, Harvard Union, 8 P. M.