Class Day Notice

Class Day tickets will be sold to Seniors from the windows of Holworthy 9 at the following times: 1.30 to 3.30, Thursday, June 1; 1.30 to 3.30, Friday, June 21; 1.30 to 3.30, Tuesday, June 6.

At the first two sales tickets will be sold in packages, one package to each Senior, containing two Sanders, nine Stadium and ten Memorial tickets. The price of each package will be $10. Yard tickets can be purchased for 15 cents each at any of the three sales. No packages will be sold by proxy.

At the third sale no packages will be sold to Seniors. The prices of single tickets at this one sale will be as follows: Memorial, 75 cents each; Stadium, 85 cents each; Sanders $1.50 each; Yard, 15 cents each. At this sale packages of four Yard and four Memorial tickets will be sold for $3.50 each to graduating members of other departments of the University. No packages will be sold by proxy.

Sales of tickets open to all members of the University will be held on Thursday and Friday, June 8 and 9. The prices of tickets will be as follows: Yard, 25 cents each; Memorial, $1.50 each; Sanders, $2 each; Stadium, $1.50 each.

Tickets purchased in packages may be returned on Monday, June 5, between 1 and 2 P. M., at the following prices: Memorial 30 cents each; Sanders, 75 cents each; Stadium, 50 cents each.


No return checks will be given out. Every person who wishes to enter the Yard on Class Day after 2 P. M. must be supplied with a Yard tickets. Particular attention is called to the fact that contrary to the practice in previous years, Memorial tickets will not admit to the Yard. Yard and Memorial tickets are good until 11 P. M.

Every undergraduate may obtain a free Yard ticket and a free Stadium ticket at the Co-operative, on and after June 10. These special Stadium tickets are not good unless the holder marches with his class.

Seniors are requested to be extremely judicious in the distribution of their tickets, as it is manifestly for their own interest that all tickets should be kept out of the hands of speculators. The reasonable demands of porters, goodies, waiters, postmen and all College employees will be attended by the Committee. The giving of Yard or other tickets to these people as fees in place of money is extremely objectionable.

Class Day is distinctly Senior's Day. It's success depends largely upon our ability to keep the Yard solely in the possession of Seniors and their friends. To accomplish this every precaution has been taken. Tickets have been made from special sketches, copyrighted and numbered, and a record will be made of the holder of every ticket that leaves the Committee's office.

In addition, the following customary rules have been made:

Every purchaser of a ticket in purchasing agrees:--1. That every Yard or Memorial ticket shall be void unless signed by the Senior to whom it was sold by the Committee. 2. Not to sell, barter, or part with for any consideration any ticket except to the Committee. 3. To return between 1 and 2 P. M., Monday, June 5, such tickets as are not needed by himself and friends.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse admission on tickets purchased by one who is known to have sold any tickets whatsoever.

Other Class Day notices will appear from time to time in the CRIMSON. All communications should be addressed to Class Day Committee, Box C, Cambridge. CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.