Begins Today at 1.30 on Jarvis Field. The Matches for Today.

The Interclass tennis tournament will begin on Jarvis Field this afternoon at 1.30 o'clock and will continue daily until finished. The tournament is not open to graduates. Undergraduates have been divided into four divisions by classes. The men in each division will play for their class championship, and the four winners will enter the final series for the interclass championship. The winner and runner-up of the interclass championship will each receive a cup. In the preliminary rounds, the matches will be for the best two out of three sets; in the finals, for the best three out of five. Deuce and advantage sets are optional only in the semi-finals and finals. Matches must be played on the day scheduled or defaulted. If one contestant is more than 30 minutes late he will lose by default.

Score cards have been placed on the north wall of the CRIMSON office, where the results of the matches must be posted each day before 7 P. M.; otherwise both contestants will be considered out of the tournament. All contestants in the tournament have first right to the use of courts.

The drawings for today are as follows:

1905--at 1.30, L. M. Bacon vs. F. F. de Rham, the winner to play H. E. Straw at 2.30; R. F. Putnam vs. G. E. Fuller; J. I. B. Larned vs. W. C. Coleman; C. Hutchins vs. P. H. Muir; C. Vose, Jr., vs. W. M. Tilden; L. A. Pettebone vs. F. G. Goodale; R. W. Dennen vs. F. J. Sulloway; R. E. Sard vs. S. N. Hinckley, the winner to play A. St. V. Carpenter at 2.30.

1906--at 1.30, M. Wertheim vs. T. S. Farrelly; W. C. Cogswell, Jr., vs. M. C. Gutman, the winners to play at 2.30; W. G. Graves vs. W. W. Thayer; Q. A. Brackett vs. A. N. Reggio; C. J. Stevens vs. E. Catlin, Jr.; G. R. J. Boggs vs. G. A. Gordon; W. C. Holmes vs. R. N. Smither; I. T. Burr, Jr., vs. R. C. Pingree; H. C. Pell, Jr., vs. R. Fitz; T. B. Dorman vs. C. Mitchell, the winners to play at 2.30.


1907-at 1.30, W. H. Pollak vs. H. W. Nichols; N. P. Vollmer vs. S. A. Eiseman; R. O. Grover vs. J. M. Eaton; J. M. Morse vs. H. J. Wiener; J. Reynolds, Jr., vs. P. H. Ross; J. C. Parrish vs. A. M. Harlow.

1908--at 2.30, W. T. Kissel vs. H. M. Warren, Jr., the winner to play H. S. Davis at 3:30; E. M. Pickman vs. G. A. Smith; C. C. Pell vs. A. McC. Washburn; H. P. Burt vs T. R. Treadwell; P. Grant vs. E. H. Robinson; C. S. Brown, Jr., vs. S. J. Shlenker; E. W. Dutton vs. C. Abeles; L. P. Dodge vs. E. C. Larned; L. B. Harding, Jr., vs. R. B. Deford; L. S. Rothenberg vs. K. Howes; G. S. Taylor vs. E. B. Strassburger; W. Bigelow vs. H. Green; J. V. Greenebaum vs. C. Burton; H. Hadden vs. L. H. Shepard; W. H. Y. Hackett vs. G. Burt; E. B. Sheldon vs. J. S. Davis.