Crimson's Annual Victory Today

This afternoon at 4 o'clock on the second team diamond, Soldiers Field, the CRIMSON baseball nine will win its annual overwhelming victory over the Lampoon. Despite the fact that the Lampoon's representatives have recently had secret practice and have been batting consistently, the certainty of a CRIMSON victory is, as usual, unusually certain.

Following is a summary of the scores of past CRIMSON victories, appended for the benefit of the sporting element:

1899--CRIMSON, 20; Lampoon, 11.

1900--CRIMSON, 20; Lampoon, 10.

1901--CRIMSON, 28; Lampoon, 7.


1902--CRIMSON, 24; Lampoon, 7.

1903--CRIMSON, 23; Lampoon, 4.

1904--CRIMSON, 21; Lampoon, 6.