University Squad Leaves at 2 o'clock. Freshmen go Tomorrow.

The University crew squad will go to New London this afternoon. The men will leave the Square at 2 o'clock and take the 3 o'clock train from the South Station, which is due to arrive at New London at 5.40 o'clock. The shells have been sent ahead on the 6 o'clock train this morning and will be ready for use when the men reach Red Top. The Freshman crews will leave tomorrow on the 3 o'clock train.

On Saturday the work of the University crew showed great improvement over the work of a week ago. The crew rowed easily to the Basin and returned to the University boathouse in long stretches. The men did not rush their slides and the tendency to a short stroke gave place to a long clean pull through the water. Although there was considerable splashing at the start, the men soon settled down and the boat spaced well on the last few stretches. The four-oar also rowed well considering the short time they have been together in the boat.

Throughout the season Coach Wray has been hampered by lack of material, especially in good men for the port side of the boat. Filley at stroke can be relied upon. Although New hall at four is inexperienced, he has shown aptness to learn as well as endurance and strength. At seven Meier has not improved as much as was expected, and Lawson at five, although the best man for his position, is unsteady. Many of the faults which were brought out by the Cornell race have been remedied.

The work at New London will depend largely upon the weather conditions. Today the crews will only take a short row, but will probably row over the full course before the end of the week. The orders Saturday, which will probably not be changed, were as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Filley; 7, Meier; 6, Bacon; 5, Lawson; 4, Newhall; 3, Flint; 2, Tappan; bow, Burchard; cox., Chase.

University four-oar--Stroke, Farley; 3, George; 2, Gill; bow, Corlett; cox., Montgomery.

C. R. Nutter '93 will go to Red Top as examination proctor and H. W. Manahan M.'94 as medical examiner. Shepard and either Pleasonton or Kellogg as substitutes, Coach Wray and Assistant Managers Emerson and Whitney will also accompany the crews.