Interscholastic Track Meet Today

The twentieth annual outdoor track meet of the New England Interscholastic Athletic Association will be held under the auspices of the Harvard Athletic Association on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

About 115 entries have been made by the following sixteen schools: English High, Worcester Academy, Exerted, Waban, Volkmann, Springfield High, Boston Latin, Roxbury Latin, Mechanic Arts High, Lawrence High, Dorchester High, Dedham High, Concord High, Noble and Greenough, St. Mark's and Brookline High. Andover will not be represented as the school is closed on account of sickness. Although a number of men from Exeter's victorious team of last year will compete again, Worcester Academy has entered a strong team, which may possibly win the meet. A reception for the competitors, open to all members of the Union, will be held in the Assembly Room of the Union directly after the games. Refreshments will be served and the gold medals for first prizes, silver for second, and bronze for third in each event will be awarded. The school winning the greatest number of points will gain possession for a year of the two trophy cups offered by graduates and the Boston Athletic Association, respectively. First place in each event will count five points, second three, and third one.

Admission tickets at 25 cents each may be purchased at Leavitt & Peirce's, Amee's or the gate. H. A. A. tickets will not admit to the games.

The following officials are requested to report at the Locker Building at 1.45 o'clock: referee--W. F. Garcelon L.'95; starter--C. H. Schweppe '02; timers--coach J. G. Lathrop, F. M. Wood, B. A. A.; marshals--E. H. Clark '96, W. A. Schick, Jr., '05, E. J. Dives '06; judges at finish--F. W. Bird 2L., P. Dana 1L., J. E. Haigh 2L., H. S. Knowles 3L.; field judges--D. R. Ayres '05, R. E. Crane '05, W. B. Jordan '06, C. R. D. Meier '05; clerk of course--W. G. Graves '06; assistant clerks of course--D. L. Pickman '07, W. T. Dunn, Tufts; measurers--A. St. V. Carpenter '05, R. S. Townsend '07, A. Peterson 1Dv., H. M. Turner '06; inspectors--L. Grilk '04, A. King 2L., E. M. Sawyer '06, H. J. Mann, Technology; announcer--L. I. Neale '06; scorers--S. K. Becker '06, J. D. Eliot '06.

Any of the above who cannot serve are requested to notify W. G. Graves '06, 56 Mt. Auburn street, this morning.