Regular Schedule of Hours Commenced--The New Plan of Payment.

Commencing today the Union will be open at the regular hours, 7.30 A. M. to 12 P. M. The restaurant will open for breakfast at 7.30 o'clock and will be open hereafter at the following hours; 7.30 A. M. to 2 P. M. and 5.30 to 8 P. M. The lunch counter in the basement will open tomorrow and thereafter from noon to midnight.

Any student enrolled in a department of the University during the current academic year may have his membership dues charged on his University term bill. This may be done at the Union office, where all membership cards are issued, by signing the proper membership application blanks.

The annual dues for active membership are $10. Associate membership with annual dues of $5, is open to officers and past members of the University residing within twenty-five miles of Cambridge, and students in the departments located outside of Cambridge, unless they wish to yote, in which case they must become active members.

For the information of those who are unfamiliar with the Union it should be stated that in addition to its being a convenient rendezvous, it is the recognized place for all University mass meetings. It numbers among its other advantages an interesting and well-selected library of about six thousand volumes, a ladies restaurant, meeting rooms for University organizations, billiard, game, periodical and writing rooms, and accommodations for guests. There are, besides, telephones, toilet and bath rooms, lockers, bicycle racks, etc. In short, the Union has all the advantages of a well-appointed club.

Each year a series of lectures by well known men on timely subjects is arranged, and entertainments are given at frequent intervals. Last year a number of lectures on the professions were given, and jiu-jitsu exhibitions, Keith's vaudeville and other entertainments of like character were provided. Last year also, a series of "pop-concerts" were held in the Living Room. Innovations of the year were the very successful Junior dance held in March, and the Spread and dance on Class Day.


For a few days the Union will be open for inspection by all members of the University, whether or not members of the Union.