The Deutscher Verein

The Deutscher Verein will present as its annual play this year a farce in three acts entitled "Das Stiftungsfest," by Gustav von Moser. Rehearsals will begin immediately after the mid-year period, and will continue regularly until the performances. Mr. August Vatter, who has been coach for the past four years, has been re-engaged for the present production. Two performances will be given, probably about the middle of March.

The plot of "Das Stiftungsfest" hinges on the celebration at the time of the anniversary of the formation of a "Sangerbund" in a small German town. Dr. Scheffler is greatly interested in this celebration, but his wife, Bertha, remembering his condition after the celebration of the previous year, does all she can to prevent him from attending. This leads to a quarrel, and she leaves the house to live with her uncle, Bolzau, whose home is in the suburbs. Meanwhile Scheffler's friend Hartwig, who is an intolerable talker, appears with his friend Dr. Steinkirch, for whom he wishes Scheffler to provide a lodging. But Scheffler, having just quarrelled with his wife, is in despair, and accompanied by Hartwig and Steinkirch he goes to Bolzau to ask his advice. Steinkirch falls in love with Bolzau's niece, Ludmilla, and manages to escape the watchful eye of the aunt. Wilhelmine. Finally Bolzau undertakes the office of peacemaker, and brings about the reconciliation of Scheffler and Bertha, as well as the union of Ludmilla and Steinkirch.

The play, a typical modern face, is one of the stock repertoire plays in Germany, a and in the German theatres a in this country. It is full of amusing situations, with excellent dialogue, and life-like characterizations.

The provisional cast is as follows: Dr. Scheffler, Advokat,  O. L. M. Lyding '09 Bertha, seine Frau,  T. W. Knauth '07 Kommerzienrat Bolzau,  F. Dexter '08 Wilhelmine, dessen Frau,  H. C. Knoblauch '08 Ludmilla, ihre Nichete, Dr. Steinkirch,  C. Wesselhoeft '08 Hartwig,  C. Ehlermann 1L Brimborius, Festordner,  O. W. Knauth '09 Schnake, Vereinsdiener,  G. A. Schneider '08 Franz, Diener bei Bolzau,  L. Carroll 1G Diener bei Scheffler,  R. L. Hale 1G.