Dual Meet at Providence Tonight--University Team Undeveloped.

The University swimming team will hold a dual meet with Brown in Providence this evening. Although neither team has been in competition and the races. The outcome of the water polo game is uncertain as the University team are ineligible this year. In scoring the water polo game will count 2; the relay race, 2; the 50-yard dash, 1; the 100-yard competition, 2. The members of the University team will be represented in the various events as follows:

50-yard dash--O. A. Wyman '08, P.Withington '09.

100-yard dash--C. R. D. Meter '06, J. V. Quinlan '07.

Diving--R. K. Tomlin '07, D. B. Hill '08.

Water polo--G. S. Morrison 2Dn., E. F. Myers 2L., R. R. Hellmann '06, G. C. Welch '07, F. P. Allen '09, E. McLeod '09.

Relay race--C. R. D. Meter '06, J. V. Quinlan '07, O. A. Wyman '08, P. Withington '09.