Association Football Plans

At a recent meeting of the Intercollegiate Association Football League the following were elected officers for the ensuring year: President, B. H. Squires '06; vice-president, S. P. Jacobs, Columbia; secretary-treasurer, S. G. Nauman, Haverford. The League was formed last spring with Harvard, Columbia and Haverford as charter members. Cornell, Pennsylvania and Princeton were elected members at the last meeting. Captain Milnes of the Pilgrim All-England team which visited this country last fall has presented the Milnes cup to be awarded to the team winning the championship during the coming season.

The prospects for a good University team this year are most encouraging. The following who were on the team last year have returned and are eligible to play again: B. H. Squires '06, captain, G. A. Gordon '06, A. V. Kidder '08, R. D. MacLaurin 3G., C. G. Mayer 2L., A. W. Reggio '08, L. B. Robinson '08, W. T. S. Thackara '08. There are also several Freshmen who have had experience in playing the game in Canada and at English schools. It is expected that the squad of candidates will be large and if possible a class series will be arranged. Candidates for the University team will be called out about March 1.

Several games with minor teams will probably be arranged in addition to the following intercollegiate schedule:

March 31--Haverford at Haverford.

April 7--Princeton at Cambridge.

April 14--Pennsylvania at Cambridge.

April 28--Columbia at New York.

April 30--Cornell at Ithaca.