Williams Defeated 7 to 0. -- Ten-Yard Rule Prevents Large Score.

In a fast, clean game under the new rules the University team defeated Williams on Saturday afternoon 7 to 0, scoring on a touchdown and a safety. The touchdown was made on a blocked punt after five minutes of play and the safety just before the close of the game. Very few substitutes were played on either team, and not once in the game was time called for an injury or an explanation of any kind.

The University eleven played intelligent football, considering the short time they have had for practice this fall. The Harvard team had the stronger line and the advantage in punting, but the Williams team seemed to be quicker. For Harvard, Captain Foster, Wendell and Lockwood showed to the best advantage in rushing the ball, and Kersburg and Parker in line work, while Captain Waters, Chapman and Elder played the best for Williams.

Although the game was not rough, it was an exhibition of very spirited football, and showed that the present rules at least did away with much unnecessary violence. Of the new rules, the one requiring a gain of 10 yards in three downs is responsible for yesterday's low score, for neither team could gain this distance consistently. The quarterback kick was successfully used by the University team, but the forward pass was a failure. The neutral zone rule appeared to be a very wise provision, as it made it much easier to follow the plays through the line.


Parker kicked off to Morse on the 23-yard line, who ran the ball in three yards. On the first play the University team was penalized five yards for illegal use of hands, and then on a fumble Parker got the ball on the 33-yard line. Wendell gained eight yards through right tackle and then Apollonio made three more. Foster followed with a two yard gain and then Newhall tried a quarterback kick which went outside on the 17-yard line. The University team secured the ball but failed to gain. D. Brown tried to punt out of danger, but Parker broke through the line and blocked the punt. Kersburg falling on the ball over the line. Kennard failed to kick the goal.

Parker kicked off to Chapman, who ran the ball in 18 yards to the 36-yard line. C. Brown made four yards through Inches, and on the next play Clay fumbled, recovering the ball himself. Waters punted to Kennard who fumbled the ball on the University team's 50-yard line. Newhall getting the ball. Foster rushed the ball seven yards and then punted 50 yards, Kennard downing the ball over the line for a touchback. Waters kicked out to Newhall, and after a few gains a quarterback kick was tried, the ball going outside on the 31-yard line. After the next three plays William got the ball on downs. Waters then punted to Newhall who made a fair catch on the 40-yard line, and Parker barely missed a goal from placement. Waters again punted, Macdonald getting the ball on the 45-yard line. A quarterback kick followed, the ball going outside and to Williams. After a poor forward pass and a trick play which failed to gain, Williams again punted and the University eleven secured the ball on the 42-yard line, but was penalized for an offside play. Foster then punted 60 yards, the ball going over the line for a second touchback. Waters punted out, and after a few plays time was called when the ball on the University team's 32-yard line.


In the second half Williams kicked off, Kersburg running the ball in ten yards to the 38-yard line. Foster punted, and Williams, after a short gain on a forward pass, punted back. With the ball on the University eleven's 50-yard line, Wendell made four and Foster lost one yard, so Foster tried a punt, which Clay was obliged to down back of his own goal, thus scoring a safety for the University team. Several gains followed for both sides, and then Gutterson was put in Reid's and A. M. Brown in C. Brown's place for Williams, and Lockwood in Wendell's place for Harvard. Newhall tried the quarterback kick again, but sent it too far for his men. Williams fumbled and then punted to the University team's 45-yard line. From this point Harvard rushed the ball steadily forward, time being called when they were within easy striking distance of William's goal.

The summary: HARVARD.  WILLIAMS. Kennard, l.e.  r.e., Chapman Osborne, l.t.  r.t., Lament Glimore, l.g.  r.g., Morse Parker, c.  c., Harter Kersburg, r.g.  l.g., Reid, Gutterson Inches, r.t.  l.t., Westbrook Macdonald, r.e.  l.e., Elder Newhall, q.b.  q.b., Waters Wendell, Lockwood, r.h.  l.h., D. Brown Foster, l.h.  r.h., C. Brown, A. M. Brown Apollonio, Mason, f.b.  f.b., Clay

Score -- Harvard, 7; Williams, 0. Touchdown -- Kersburg. Safety -- Clay. Umpires H. H. Holton, Harvard; E. K. Hall, Dartmouth. Referee -- J. Pendleton, Bowdoin. Linesmen -- Hopewell, Harvard; Hoyn, Williams. Timer -- F. A. Wood, B. A. A. Time -- 15 and 10 minute halves.

The following men have been taken to the football training table, which will start with breakfast this morning in the Union at 8.15 o'clock: Apollonio, Burr, Foster, Fraser, Inches, Kennard, Kersburg, Macdonald, Mason, Newhall, Osborne, Parker, Starr, Wendell, managers Reynolds and Dutcher, and trainer Donovan.