Intercollegiate Tennis at Haverford

The twenty-sixth annual tournament of the Intercollegiate Lawn Tennis Association will begin today at the Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, Pennsylvania. As a result of the trials held last Friday and Saturday, the following men will compose the University team: J. M. Morse '07, C. C. Pell '08, R. S. Lovering '08 and A. S. Dabney, Jr., '09. The pairings for the doubles are Morse and Pell; Lovering and Dabney. As a result of the new eligibility rules F. J. Sulloway 3L. and F. F. de Rham 3L. were debarred from the team. S. A. Eiseman '07, a member of last year's team, which defeated Yale, injured his knee in the trials, and N. W. Niles '09 is also unable to play. Morse is therefore the only member of last year's team who will play at Haverford.

The Intercollegiate Championship Tennis Cup, offered by the Merion Cricket Club, will become the property of the college first obtaining seven points, a win in singles or doubles to count one point. The Merion Cricket Club will also provide individual prizes in singles and doubles.

The following colleges are members of the Intercollegiate Lawn Tennis Association: Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, Haverford, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Williams, and Yale.

Last year the singles were won by Dewhurst of Pennsylvania, and the doubles by Dewhurst and Register of Pennsylvania.