Association Football Plans

At a meeting of Association football candidates, held last night in Holworthy 19, a large number of new men reported, including many who had had experience in the game abroad.

There are prospects for a very good team, as the following members of last year's team are eligible this year. W. T. S. Thackara (capt.) '08, C. G. Osborne '07, A. N. Reggio '07, A. W. Reggio '08, B. Parker '08, W. M. Bird '08, A. V. Ridder '08, E. N. Fales '08, A. B. Brooks '07.

At the meeting it was decided to play during the fall this year, instead of in the spring, as during the fall the game is played by most of the amateur teams in this country. For this reason a schedule for the fall and winter was drawn up at the last meeting of the Intercollegiate Association Football league.

Before the scheduled games begin a number of practice games will be played in November with a team composed of graduates, and with teams in the vicinity. A Freshman team will be organized provided enough men report, and an outside schedule will be played.