Lowell Institute Lectures Today

Professor B. Wendell '77 will deliver a lecture on "The Family" in Huntington Hall, Boston, this evening at 8 o'clock. This is the third of a course of eight Lowell Institute lectures by Professor Wendell on "Contemporary France." The next lecture in the course will be given Thursday evening on "The French Temperament."

All the reserved seats for this course have been distributed, but seats may be applied for this evening before the closing of the doors at 8 o'clock.

Prof. Moore in King's Chapel at 3.

Professor G. F. Moore will deliver a lecture on "The Babylonian Influence on the Religion of Israel" in King's Chapel, Boston, this afternoon at 3 o'clock. This is the first of a course of three lectures by Professor Moore on "Foreign Influences on the Religion of Israel." The other two lectures in the course will be given as follows. Monday, November 26, "Persian Influence;" Monday, December 3, "Greek Influence."

This course is the second of six courses of free lectures delivered in King's Chapel on Monday afternoons, maintained by the Lowell Institute under the auspices of the Harvard Divinity School.

Admission tickets may be obtained free of charge at the door.