Hockey Team Lost to Second, 4 to 2

The University second hockey team defeated the first team in a practice game in the Stadium yesterday afternoon by a score of 4 to 2. Play on the whole was fast, and the game was well contested. At times the team work of the second was very effective. At the beginning of the first period the first team rushed the puck down the ice and scored. After this goal, however, the first team lacked all team work, and the second was more than a match for it. During this period the second scored three well-earned goals.

Between the halves the third and fourth teams lined up for a short practice, in which the third defeated the fourth by a score of 1 to 0.

Again at the beginning of the second period the first team kept the puck in the second's territory, and in a scrimmage before the goal posts Newhall scored. A few minutes later Leonard shot a goal for the second by individual play.

R. S. Hardy '01 acted as referee and coached the forwards, while M. H. Ivy '04 coached the defense.

The two teams lined up as follows: FIRST TEAM.  SECOND TEAM. Pell, Cutler, l.e.  r.e., Butt, Edgell Townsend, l.c.  r.c., Paine Rumsey, r.c.  l.c., Leonard Newhall, r.e.  l.e., Cutler, Butt Briggs, c.p.  c.p., Foster Sampson, p.  p., W. M. Washburn F. A. Washburn, g.  g., Carpenter