New Books in Union Library

The following books have been added to the Union Library during the past two weeks:

"Complete works of Tolstoy," translated by Professor L. Wiener.

"The Novels of Turgenev," volumes 1, 3, and 6 to 15 inclusive, translated by C. Garnett.

"Harvard Lectures on Greek Subjects," and "Some Aspects of Greek Genius," by Ss. H. Butcher.

"The Spirit of the Pines," by M. Morse.

"The Man on the Box," by H. Macgrath.

"Practical Rowing and the Effects of Training," by A. W. Stevens '97 and Dr. E. A. Darling '90.

"With Walt Whitman in Camden," by H. Traubel.

"The Poetical Works of William Blake," edited by J. Sampson.

"Mark Twain's Library of Humor: Men and Things."

"Life of Charles Lamb," by E. V. Lucas.

"Recollections of William O'Brien."

"The Master Mummer," by E. P. Oppenheim.

"A Staff Officer's Scrap-book," by I. Hamilton.

"The Portreeve," by E. Philpotts.

"The Author's Apology from Mrs. Warren's Profession," by G. B. Shaw.

"What is Religion?" by H. S. Pritchett h.'01.