First Practice for Class Crews.--70 Men Reported.--University Crew Work.

About 70 men reported yesterday afternoon for the first class rowing of the year. Only one Senior crew went on the river, but two eights and a four-oar from 1907, and three eights from 1908 went out. The arrangements made yesterday are only temporary, as men will be shifted constantly in the process of choosing the crews to row in the class races on May 18.

Today the Juniors will row from the Newell boathouse at 4.30 o'clock, the Sophomores, and the Seniors from Weld at 4 and 4.30 o'clock respectively.

University Crew Work Yesterday.

In the University first and second crews the order of the day before was preserved, but in the four-oar G. Bacon took Switzer's place at three. The University crew rowed half-way to the Harvard Bridge and back to the Newell boathouse.

The orders:


University crew--Stroke, Filley; 7, Guild; 6, R. Bacon; 5, Richardson; 4, Glass; 3, Emmons; 2, Tappan; bow, Flint: cox., Blagden.

Second crew--Stroke, Morgan; 7, Corbett; 6, Fish; 5, Montgomery; 4, Richards; 3, Warren; 2, Kellogg; bow, Wiggins; cox., Arnold.

Four-oar crew--Stroke, Ball; 3, G. Bacon: 2, Despard; bow, Fahnestock; cox., Whitney.