Freshman Rowing

The Freshman crew has improved considerably during the past week, despite several changes in the order. On Monday Lunt returned to 6, where he had been rowing prior to the recess, and Severance replaced Ellis at 3. Crandall, who had remained at 4 since the crew first went out on the river on February 20, was moved to 2, and to take his place Mulligan was taken from the same position in the second. On Tuesday Wood, who had been rowing at 7 in the second boat, was tried at bow in the first.

Yesterday the three crews took an easy row at a low stroke down stream to Longwood bridge. By rowing a lower stroke this week the men have made a good deal of progress in controlling their slides, and as a result the boat is much steadier than previously. At this low pace, however, the men apparently lack vigor, especially Crandall at 2, who fails to break in his arms early enough in the stroke. Wood at bow swings badly out of time.

All three crews will row this afternoon at 5 o'clock, and will probably be given a race over the course. The order of the first boat will be determined early next week, as the class regatta is less than two weeks away.

Yesterday's orders:

First crew--Stroke, J. Cutler; 7, Rackemann; 6, Lunt; 5, Faulkner; 4, Mulligan; 8, Severance; 2, Crandall; bow, Wood; cox., Wise.

Second crew--Stroke, Butler; 7, Kennard; 6, Wentworth; 5, Hanfstaengl; 4, Reece; 3, E. Cutler; 2, Kelly; bow, Ellis; cox., Galatti.