Work of University Crews

During the past week the work of the University crew has been consistently hard. With the exception of coxswain the crew has been selected for the Cornell race, and Coach Wray has given particular attention to getting the men well together throughout every stroke, and has been adjusting the outriggers and foot braces to suit each man.

On Monday the crew went over the 1 and 7-8 miles course down stream from the Longwood bridge to the Union Boat Club, rowing the rest of the way to and from the University boat house in short stretches. The men pulled hard, but at times the shell rocked considerably. Tuesday afternoon rough water allowed the men to row down stream only to a point 1-8 of a mile below the Harvard bridge and back to the boathouse, and on Wednesday a similar course was taken. On account of the strong wind Thursday afternoon, the crew rowed up stream. They went as far as the Brighton bridge and back.

Yesterday on the way up stream from the Harvard bridge, the University crew raced with the Union Boat Club crew for a little less than 1-8 of a mile. The Union Boat Club crew started nearly half a boat's length ahead, rowing about 32 strokes a minute, but the University crew was almost abreast when they approached the Western avenue bridge. Filley did not put the stroke above 28.

The University second crew has not been doing satisfactory work lately. Thursday it defeated the Senior class crew over the 1 and 7-8 miles course, but it has been defeated by the Freshman crew in several brushes. Yesterday Ball rowed 3 instead of Gill, who has a sore hand. Today J. Lowell, who has been rowing at 5 on the Sophomore crew will report with the University crew squad and will be tried in the second boat.

The orders yesterday were:

University crew--Stroke, Filley; 7, Newhall, 6, R. Bacon; 5, Richardson; 4, Glass; 3, Tappan; 2, Fish; bow, Flint; cox., Whitney.

Second crew--Stroke, Morgan; 7, Emmons; 6, Richards; 5, Corbett; 4, Warren; 3, Ball; 2, G. Bacon; bow, Wiggins; cox., Whitney.