Junior Usher Notice

All Junior ushers will meet in the Athletic Office at 9.45 o'clock to receive badges.

Class Day officers will occupy the platform and Seniors the floor and platform behind the speakers. J. D. White will have charge of the ground floor circle and H. Foster, Jr., and W. Minot of the galleries.

Following report to White on ground floor: W. W. Aldrich, E. L. Burnham, W. D. Dexter, H. F. Emmons, S. M. Edgell, D. G. Field, F. Goodale, J. J. Rowe.

Following report to Foster in first balcony: J. H. Breck, J. G. Benbow, G. W. Bailey, C. W. Cate, E. W. Clark, T. M. Claflin, W. B. Davis, J. Eaton, R. W. Fernald, R. B. Gregg, J. H. Giles, F. M. Gunther, N. L. Hall, A. M. Harlow, S. P. Henshaw, H. C. Hopewell, L. Howe, S. T. Hubbard, Jr., J. H. Ijams, J. P. Lane, M. C. Leckner, G. A.Jr., W. Lilly, A. S. Locke, P. C. Lockwood, W. B. Long, C. C. Nash, N. C. Nash, H. W. Nichols, D. C. Noyes, C. B. Whitney.

Following report to Minot in the second balcony: A. S. Cobb, E. R. Corbett, F. R. Dick, A. A. Dole, Dunning, S. F. Greene, W. Olney, S. F. Peavey, W. M. E. Perkins, D. L. Pickman, J. B. Pierce, W. Pierce, R. S. Richmond, E. V. Sherwin, H. Sibley, L. Snow, S. T. Stackpole, C. C. Stetson, M. H. Stone, E. Talbot, R. S. Townsend, F. H. Warner, J. Weare, G. C. Welch, W. L. Weston, P. S. White, G. Whiting, R. H. Wiswall, T. York, C. Woodman.

At the Stadium Foster will have charge of sections 1 to 8 inclusive and Minot of sections 9 to 16 inclusive. All ushers not assigned to sections will report to White. They will be stationed under the Stadium, to direct people to the proper sections, and in the enclosure. During the singing of Fair Harvard the ushers will distribute baskets of confetti.

Following will report at 3.30 o'clock and usher in the sections indicated: section 1--Aldrich, Dexter, Edgell; section 2--Burnham, Corbett, Greene; section 3--Goodwin, Henshaw, Ijams; section 4--Dexter, Sugden, C. B. Whitney; section 5--Goodale, Hubbard, Weston; section 6--Field, Ware, Woodman; section 7--Hall, Lockwood, Townsend, section 8--H. M. Davis, Evans, Sibley; section 9--J. B. Pierce, Richmond, Stetson; section 10--Dick, Lane, Pickman, section 12--Bailey, Durant, Locke; section 13--Harlow, Rowe, S. White; section 14--Gregg, Sherwin, Wiswall; section 15--C. C. Nash, N. C. Nash, Perkins; section 16--N. B. Davis, Leland, Stackpole.