University Calendar

*Open to the University. **Open to the Public

Saturday, January 12.

**LECTURE. "Unfavorable Conditions of Modern School Life." Dr. R. W. Lovett. Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston, 8 P. M.

Sunday, January 13.


**EVENING SERVICE. Rev. Lyman Abbott, D.D., of New York, N. Y. Appleton Chapel, 7.30 P. M.

**LECTURE. "Deformities of the Feet from Shoes." Dr. Edward H. Bradford. Harvard Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston, 4 P. M.


Monday, January 14.

PRESIDENT AND FELLOWS OF HARVARD COLLEGE. Meeting at 50 State street, Boston, 10.30 A. M.

FACULTY OF DIVINITY. Meeting at 17 Quincy street, 8 P. M.

*LECTURE. "Coal Mining." I and II. Mr. Robert V. Norris, E.M. Rotch Building, 10 to 11 A. M., and 12 M. to 1 P. M. This is the beginning of a course of ten lectures on Coal Mining to be given by Mr. Norris, January 14-19.

*LECTURE (History 28). "Sources of German History and the Hohenzollern Collection." Mr. W. Lichtenstein. Sever 7, 12 M.

**LECTURE. "Socrates and the Sophists." Professor Goodwin. Harvard 1, 4.30 P. M.

HARVARD UNION. "Evolution in Self Government." Hon. L. M. Shaw, Secretary of the Treasury. Living Room, Harvard Union, 4.30 P. M. Open to members of Harvard Union.

*PHYSICAL COLLOQUIUM. "The Theory of Spectroscopy." Dr. Lyman. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25, 5 P. M.

SEMINARY OF ECONOMICS. "The Theory of Interest." Professor Fetter. Emerson Hall, Social Ethics Library, 7.30 P. M.

**ENGINEERING SOCIETY. "The Harvard Stadium, and other Examples of Reinforced Concrete Construction: and the Manner of Failure of Reinforced Concrete Beams." Professor L. J. Johnson. Pierce 110, 8 P. M.