Fast Basketball Practice

In a fast and encouraging practice game last night the University basketball team defeated the second team by a score of 62 to 14. The members of the University team played an aggressive game and were more successful in their passing and shooting than they have been for some time.

The summary: FIRST TEAM.  SECOND TEAM. Allen, l.f.  r.g., Dwelley, Dial, Dwelley Broun, r.f.  l.g., Almy, Fisher Amberg, c.  c., Miles Burnham, l.g.  r.f., Downey Brooks, r.g.  l.f., Currie, Dial, Currie

Score--First Team, 62; Second Team, 14. Goals from floor--Amberg 10, Allen 8, Broun 6, Brooks 5, Burnham 2, Currie 3, Miles 2, Dial, Downey.

The game scheduled for tonight between the second team and Brookling High School has been cancelled.