No Scrimmage for University Team--Apollonio and Macdonald Back.

There was no scrimmage for the University football squad yesterday, only a light practice being held. Coach Cutts had a squad of line-men, composed of Grant, Nourse, Peirce, Brock, Burr, Fish, and Robinson at work tackling the dummy. The ends were given considerable practice in running down under punts and tackling the runner.

Two changes in position were made in the line-up in the signal practice to try out the men in other positions. Kennard was transferred from end to tackle and was given much attention by Coach Cutts. The cause of the change was the need of more tackles and Kennard was selected as a promising man to develop on account of his weight and his hard fighting qualities. Coach Cutts intends to give Nourse a try-out at tackle shortly. The other change was the shifting of Blumer from end on the second to full-back on the University eleven. There is a great scarcity of full-backs at present with Brennan out of the game for three weeks with a torn ligament, Mason temporarily laid-up and Wendell unable to play, and the coaches picked out Blumer as a likely man to test for the position.

Apollonio was out for practice yesterday for the first time since the Bowdoin game, and ran through signals at fullback. Macdonald, who has been laid up with a lame thigh, was also in the signal practice.

Now that the material is getting sorted out, the aim of the coaches is to develop team play in preparation for the stiff game with Annapolis next Saturday. This game should show much of the University team's latent strength. Usually the West Point game has been the most valuable trial the team has had, and has been an indicator of the possibilities for the rest of the season. This year the Annapolis game has been substituted for that with the Army and should serve the same purpose.

A most encouraging feature of the work this fall has been the development of the forward pass and on-side kick, two most valuable plays in the new game. The forward pass early in the season was very weak, but by constant use in daily practice and in games, it has been made a strong factor as a means of gaining ground.