To Be Submitted to Seniors This Evening.--Dates of Elections.

At a meeting of the 1908 Nomination Committee yesterday, the following schedule was decided upon for the voting for Class officers and for Class Day committees:

Thursday, December 12.--List of voters posted. Nominations for Class officers announced.

Friday, December 13.--Nominations for Class Day committees announced.

Saturday, December 14.--Time for additional nominations for Class officers closes at 7 P. M.

Sunday, December 15.--Time for petitioning for additions to voters' list closes at 7 P. M.

Monday, December 16.--Voting for Class officers in CRIMSON office.

Tuesday, December 17.--Time for additional nominations for Class Day committees closes at 7 P. M.

Wednesday, December 18.--Final list of nominations for Class Day committees announced.

Thursday, December 19.--Voting for Class Day committees.

Rules to Govern Elections.

The following rules to govern both elections have been drawn up by the Nomination Committee and will be submitted to the class at the meeting this evening:

1. There shall be no election of the President or a Vice-President, but the First Marshal shall act as the Class President and the Second Marshal as Vice-President until Class Day, and the permanent Secretary as Class Secretary.

2. The Australian ballot system shall be used.

3. The officers, namely: Marshals, Secretary, Treasurer, Orator, Ivy Orator, Poet, Odist, and Chorister, shall be elected on Monday, December 16, and the Committees on Thursday, December 19.

4. The polls shall be open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. each election day at the CRIMSON office.

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