Defeated Sophomores Saturday 16 to 9.-Awarded Numerals.

The Seniors won the class basketball championship last Saturday afternoon by defeating the Sophomores 16 to 9 in the final game of the interclass series. The first half proved very close, but early in the second period the Seniors threw several baskets in quick succession and maintained their lead to the end of the game. The Seniors covered their men more effectively than the Sophomores, and their team work was better. Both teams were very weak at shooting baskets. Mossman and Wyman played the best game for the Seniors, and Sheehan's basket shooting was very good.

The summary follows: SENIORS.  SOPHOMORES. Mossman, l.f.  r.f., Lanigan Carlisle, Furber, Deane, r.f.  l.f., Sheehan, Scribner Wyman, c.  c., Browne, Leonard Marsh, l.g.  r.g., S. Brown Almy, r.g.  l.g., Scribner, Browne

Score-1908, 16; 1910, 9. Goals from floor-Sheehan 4, Almy 2, Carlisle 1, Furber 1, Marsh 1, Mossman 1, Wyman 1. Fouls called-on 1910, 9; on 1908, 5. Goals from fouls-Wyman 2, Scribner 1. Referee-E. L. Grant 3L. Timekeepers-E. S. Currie '09, W. H. Thompson '09.

As a result of the game the following Seniors will be awarded their class basketball numerals: Almy, Carlisle, Deane, Furber, Marsh, Mossman, Wyman. Of these, the men who started the game will receive cups also.