Approved by the Athletic Committee--Other Business Transacted.

At a meeting of the Athletic Committee, held last evening, the following appointments were approved: F. H. Burr '09, as captain of the University football team; R. Winsor, Jr., '02, as coach of the University hockey team; E. B. Robbins Jr., '10, as second assistant manager of the University hockey team; H. MacNider '11 as manager, and E. N. Wright '11 as assistant manager of the Freshman hockey team.

The Rifle and Pistol Club was granted permission to compete in the intercollegiate shoot in New York during the Christmas recess.

The University basketball schedule was approved as follows:

January 7--Technology.

January 10--Wesleyan.

January 13--Holy Cross.

January 18--Princeton.

January 22--Tufts.

January 24--Brown.

January 29--Yale, at Mechanics Hall Boston.

February 8--Williams at Williams town.

February 12--Holy Cross at Worcester.

February 15--Brown at Providence.

February 19--Andover.

February 22--Dartmouth.

February 24--Princeton at Princeton

February 28--Yale at New Haven.

March 6--Wesleyan at Middletown.

March 7--West Point at West Point.

Unless otherwise specified, all games will be played in Cambridge.