Union Ushers for Saturday

All members of the Union who intend going to the Union next Saturday afternoon must obtain special tickets from the Union office by showing their membership tickets before Friday evening at 11 o'clock. All men discovered as having disposed of their tickets will lose their privileges as members and their names will be published. After 11 o'clock on Saturday all men in the Union and all who wish to enter will be required to show both special and membership tickets. No one will be admitted otherwise. The balcony will be reserved to members of the Faculty who are members of the Union and who have also obtained special tickets at the office before Friday night.

Lunch will be served in the Dining Room on Saturday from 11.30 o'clock until 2. Tickets for lunch, at 50 cents each, are now on sale at the office, and no meals will be served except to holders of such tickets.

All ushers are required to show both membership and special tickets before being admitted to the building. Any man on the list of ushers will please leave word at the office of the Union immediately or notify D. G. Field '07 before 1 o'clock on Friday. All ushers must report at 12.30 o'clock on Saturday and receive badges. No badges will be held, 1907 men should report to H. Foster, Jr., 1908 men to H. Gilmore, 1909 men to F. H. Burr, and 1910 men to R. C. Brown, D. G. Field '07 will act as head usher.

The following men have been appointed ushers:

Seniors--G. Bailey, D. G. Field, H. Foster, Jr., S. Gano, A. G. Grant, R. B. Gregg, J. H. Ijams, G. Irving, W. H. Keeling, G. A. Leland, W. Minot, J. M. Morse, H. W. Nichols, C. G. Osborne, J. Reynolds, J. J. Rowe, F. H. Sibley, D. W. Streeter, R. J. Walsh, R. H. Wiswall, G. Whitney.

Juniors--C. Apollonio, G. G. Bacon, H. S. Blair, D. S. Brigham, K. G. Carpenter, H. Channing, P. E. Dutcher, G. Emerson, S. Irvin, H. M. Gilmore, G. G. Glass, H. Inches, M. L. Newhall, E. V. B. Parke, B. Parker, C. C. Pell, B. T. Stephenson, J. S. Whitney, C. Wiggins, E. T. Witherby.

Sophomores--F. H. Burr, E. P. Currier, T. C. Defriez 2nd, R. M. Faulkner, E. M. Gilbert, H. Gray, O. L. M. H. Lyding, W. D. Phillipbar, T. Roosevelt, Jr., F. Schenck, O. G. Wood.

Freshmen--E. C. Bacon, E. L. Beard, R. C. Brown, W. R. Buxton, H. Fish, A. C. Gilbert, R. W. Hall, C. C. Little, S. M. Lowrey, E. Reynolds