In Brookline Tank Tonight at 8.--Events Will be Closely Contested.

The dual meet between the University swimming and water polo teams and the Yale teams will be held tonight at 8 o'clock at the Brookline Swimming Tank. Judging from past scores Yale should easily win the water polo game, but the swimming events will be very closely contested. The University team defeated Brown, 37 to 16, while Yale beat Brown, 34 to 14.

Following are the entries:

50-yard dash--P. Withington '09, J. V. Quinlan '07, (H.); Mengel, Meigs (Y.).

100-yard dash--P. Withington '09, O. A. Wyman '08, (H.); Mengel, Moses (Y.).

220-yard swim--E. Farley '07, L. Howe '07 (H.); Naething, Wilshire (Y.).

Plunge--D. B. Hill '08, L. B. Harding '08, (H.); Sherman, Wilshire (Y.).

Diving--D. B. Hill '08, S. E. Goodwin '07 (H.); Malley, Peters (Y.).

Relay Race--J. V. Quinlan '07, P. Withington '09, L. Howe '07, E. Farley '07 (H.); Moses, Vincent, Meigs, Mengel (Y.).

Relay Race--Harvard 1910 vs. Yale 1910--R. F. Hoyt, A. S. Burnham, L. C. Seaverns, J. B. Newton (H.); Gregory, Hyde, Richards, Schwartz (Y.).

The water polo squads are composed of the following: Harvard--G. C. Welch '07, E. Farley '07, H. Taylor '07, C. B. Whitney '08, L. B. Harding '08, H. A. Robinson '08, B. A. Merriam '09; Yale--Crofton, Hart, Mengel, Sherman, Naething, Vincent, Wilshire.