Golf Prospects and Schedule

The outlook for a strong golf team this year is very promising. W. Hickox '08, I. S. Broun '08, G. R. Minot '08, E. W. Clark '07 and H. H. Wilder '09 of last year's team are eligible to play this spring, and the other candidates are W. E. Ingalls '07, H. W. Simpkins '07, C. S. Brown, Jr., '08, H. F. McNeil '08, E. T. Clary '09, A. W. Ingalls '09, and A. H. Shaw '09. The following are candidates for the Freshman team: W. B. Durant, Jr., M. MacArthur, F. R. Kirkland, and W. F. Morgan, Jr.

All candidates for the University team may begin practice at once at the Brookline Country Club, on payment of $5 to W. Hickox '08, Matthews 24. The Freshman candidates may practice at the woodland Club links, Auburndale, on payment of the club dues of $5 per month.

The following schedule has been arranged for the University team:

May 4--Boston Interscholastic.

May 10--Woodland at Auburndale.

May 11--Wannamoisett at providence, R. I.

May 14--Fall River at Fall River.

May 25--Oakley at Watertown.

June 1--Hartford at Hartford, Conn.

The University championship matches will be played over the Brookline Country Club course, probably during the week of May 20. An entrance fee of $1 will be charged, and gold and silver medals will be awarded to the winner and runner-up, respectively. The matches to decide the class championship will be held on the same course the following week, Members of the University team will be eligible to play on their class teams.