Performance of "Liovido del Cielo" at 8 o'clock in Brattle Hall.

The public performance of "Liovido del Cielo," by Vital Aza, the second annual play of the Sociedad Espanola, will be given in Brattle Hall, this evening at 8 o'clock. Tickets for the play at $1,75 cents, and 50 cents, are on sale at the Schoenhof Book Company, 128a Tremont street, Boston and the Co-operative, or may be obtained from G. Rivera '09, College House 55.

The plot deals with the fortunes of Pepe, a poor and ambitious young painter, who, after finishing a painting, goes out to sell it. Both Pepito, his ease-loving friend, and Consuelo, his wife, are confident that he will find a purchaser. On the other hand, Dona Paz, the traditional mother-in-law, scoffs at it, and praises, instead, the daubing of Pepito, whom she has secret hopes of marrying. Her disdain is more than offset by the enthusiasm of Pepe's father, a comical, loving old gentleman with an unmanageable tongue. Pepe returns with the picture unsold. Soon after this shock, a millionaire plantation owner, Don Manuel, comes from Havana to help Pepito, his nephew, whom he has never seen. He mistakes Pepe for Pepito, buys his picture, and invites the artist to move over to his house.

The second act shows us Pepe and Consuelo in their new surroundings. Both they and Don Cleto, Pepe's father, are awed at the appearance of the Cuban servant, Domingo. In an interview with Don Manuel and Don Cleto, who forces an embrace of gratitude upon his son's protector, the true situation apears. But the consequent dismay of the artist's family is again turned to rejoicing by Don Manuel's promise to look out for them all. The cast is as follows: Pepe, a poor young artist of Madrid,  M.H. Woolman '09 Consuelo, his wife,  G.E. Hyde '09 Pepito, his friend,  H.W. Packer 1L. Dona Paz, Consuelo's mother,  J. Murdoch, Jr., 1G. Don Cleto, Pepe's father,  G. Rivera, Jr., '09 Don Manuel, Pepito's millionaire uncle from Cuba,  E.F. Schwartzenburg 2L. Domingo, negro servant of Don Manuel,  D.N. Robinson '08