Has Been in an Unsettled Condition All Week. Signs of Improvement.

The condition of the University and second crews and the Freshman eights during the past week has been one of great disorder. There have hardly been two consecutive days in which the crews have rowed in the same orders; but probably the last important shift before the race between the University crew and Columbia, which will be rowed a week from today, has been made, and already the University crew shows signs of decided improvement. Tappan and Richardson are now the only two men in the crew rowing in the same positions which they occupied a week ago. Severance has been needed more at 3 than at 7, where Amberg has shows his ability in form and can probably be relied upon to row a two-mile race. The most noticeable fault has been that at every stroke the boat has swung to starboard, showing that the bow port men more than counterbalanced the work on the opposite side of the boat. For this reason, Glass, who is the biggest man in the boat, was moved to number 6, and Captain Bacon took his place at 4. The return of Fish, who had not been rowing for some time on account of sickness, definitely decided who should row at 2. Fish was tried for one day at bow, but his work there was very unsatisfactory, as shifting him from the side of the boat to which he had been accustomed, made his blade-work ragged and his swing out of time with the rest of the men. Burchard is now rowing at bow, but his work is less satisfactory than that of the other men, as he does not start forward soon enough on the recovery, and does not keep his oar buried.

In the second crew, Morgan has been shifted to the starboard side and has been rowing at 5 in place of Hanfstaengl. Yesterday Swaim, who has been rowing at 7, was out of the boat and Morgan rowed in his place. Hanfstaengl rowed at 5. As a result of the breakup of the third crew, Ball, Ellis, Richards and Whitney are rowing on their class crews. The whole University squad is now eating at the training table.

Yesterday's Work.

Yesterday afternoon the University and second crews rowed downstream to the Longwood bridge, intending to row over the regular mile and seven-eighths course; but the water was so rough in the basin that it was impossible to go father down. The crews then rowed upstream to the Brighton bridge and a large part of the time was devoted to slowing down the slide and finishing out the stroke.

The Orders.

The orders yesterday were as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Tappan; 7, Amberg; 6, Glass; 5, Richardson; 4, Bacon; 3, Severance; 2, Fish; bow, Burchard; cox., Blagden.

Second crew--Stroke, Farley; 7, Morgan; 6, Lovering; 5, Hanfstaengl; 4, Lunt; 3, Faulkner; 2, Fahnestock; bow, Wiggins; cox., Arnold.

Four-oar--Stroke, Hyde; 3, Macdonald; 2, Mulligan; bow, Cutler; cox., Dutton.