Because of Unsatisfactory Work.--Time Trial Expected Today.

HARVARD CREW QUARTERS, RED TOP, CT., June 12, 1907.--The main feature of the crew practice here today was the decided shake-up in the University four-oar during the afternoon practice. The boat started about 5.15 o'clock with G. Bacon stroking instead of Lunt. After a mile C. Morgan replaced Amberg at number 3. In a short while Lunt was put in Swaim's place at number 2, and later Burchard replaced Wiggins at bow. The four-oar has not been doing satisfactory work, and Coach Wray has been paying especial attention to it. More changes are likely, although the crew will be chosen in a few days.

Despite the very hard row yesterday, the University crew had considerable work today. In the morning about five miles were covered, Coach Wray following in a single. The wind was strong and the washboards were necessary on account of the rough water. The eight went out again in the afternoon after the four-oar practice, and rowed downstream in one stretch until opposite the two-mile mark by the Navy Yard. After a rest the shell was rowed back. The men seem gradually to be getting together better, but Faulkner was erratic in slide control, and Fish particularly slow in starting his hands away after the recovery.

The Freshman crew rowed four miles in the morning, and followed the University eight in the afternoon. The men rowed in clean form except for Macleod, who is still in Wyman's place at number 5, but the boat went smoothly. Macleod buckles his oar at the end of the stroke. Assistant Coach Gill coxswained the Freshman four-oar, which had only light work. A time trial for all the crews is expected tomorrow.