Recent Books By Harvard Graduates

The following books by Harvard men have recently been published:

"Accounts," by W. M. Cole '90.

"The American Constitution," by F. J. Stimson '76.

"Beginnings in industrial Education," by P. H. Hanus.

"Buddhism and Immortality," by W. S. Bigelow '71.

"By the Christmas Fire," by S. M. Crothers h.'99.

"Ecclesiastes," by G. A. Barton '90.

"The Essential Life," by S. B. Stanton '87.

"The Home Builder," by Lyman Abbott h.'90.

"The Master of the Inn," by Robert Herrick '90.

"Park Street Papers," by Bliss Perry

"True Stories of Crime," by Arthur Train '96.

"The Teacher," by G. H. Palmer '64.

"University Administration," by C. W. Eliot '53.