Basketball Plans for Year Announced

A meeting of the candidates for the University and class basketball teams will be held in the Union next Monday evening, and, from that time on, the Hemenway Gymnasium will be open evenings until 9 o'clock for practice. The outlook for the University team this year is very promising, as most of the material in sight is experienced. Of last year's squad, besides E. S. Allen '09, who is this year's captain, P. Brooks '09, captain of the 1907-08 team, S. Brown '10, G. G. Browne '10, E. S. Currie '09, H. Fish '10, and W. F. Scribner '10 are eligible again this year, only C. Almy '08 and O. A. Wyman '08 having left College. Good material will be furnished by the members of last year's Freshman team, and of these E. P. Miller, forward, H. T. Webber, guard, and F. Wellmann, centre, will make the competition fast. It has not been decided whether or not the team will have the services of a professional coach this season. If one is allowed, D. J. Prior, Brown '08, and a former. All-New England guard will be appointed.

Candidates for the Freshmen team will also start practice next week. The interclass games will be played in December and the members of the winning team will receive cups and their class basketball numerals. The scrub series, for those candidates who did not make the University squad will take place after the mid-year examination. Medals will be give to the victorious team.

The University schedule of eight games follows:

Jan. 12--Technology at Cambridge.

Jan. 16--Princeton at Princeton.

Jan. 23--Brown at Cambridge.

Jan. 29--Tufts at Cambridge.

Feb. 6--Brown at Providence.

Feb. 12--Yale at Cambridge.

Feb. 20--Dartmouth at Cambridge.

Feb. 26--Yale at New Haven.

The second team will have a short schedule of six games, not yet arranged, and the Freshmen one of the same length, including a game with Yale 1912.