Provisional List.--One Change in Rules.--Lists of Voters Posted.

The following nominations for class and Class Day officers and committees have been made by the Committee on Class Day Elections:

Marshals--F. H. Burr, Chestnut Hill; A. G. Cable, Evanston, Ill.; E. P. Currier, Wellesley Hills; L. K. Lunt, Colorado Springs, Col.; W. M. Rand, Watertown; W. R. Severance, New Bedford.

Secretary--H. B. Barton, Worcester; H. Gray, Boston.

Treasurer--J. M. Groton, Philadelphia, Pa.; R. M. Middlemass, New Britain, Conn.

Ivy Orator--G. H. Edgell, Newport, N. H.; P. M. Henry, Des Moines, Ia.

Poet--J. T. Addison, Stamford, Conn.; R. E. Rogers, Cambridge; H. B. Sheahan, Quincy.

Odist--F. B. Biddle, Philadelphia, Pa.; A. S. Olmsted, Buffalo, N. Y.; H. W. H. Powel, Newport, R. I.

Chorister--P. G. Clapp, Roxbury; B. Crocker, Fitchburg; E. F. Hanfstaengl, Munich, Germany.

Orator--F. Schenck, Lenox; E. T. Wentworth, Batavia, N. Y.

Class Committee--F. M. Blagden, New York; R. M. Faulkner, Keene, N. H.

Class Day Committee--R. H. Eggleston, Jr., New York; N. K. Hartford, Watertown; C. J. Nourse, Jr., New York; W. G. Roelker, Jr., Newport, R. I.; J. W. Simons, Springfield; N. S. Simpkins, Jr., Washington, D. C.; W. G. Wendell, Boston; R. V. White, Hyde Park; O. G. Wood, Brookline.

Photograph Committee--E. S. Allen, Glendale, O.; K. S. Cate, Boston; G. Gund, Cleveland, O.; F. A. Harding, Jamaica Plain; J. P. Willetts, Skaneateles, N. Y.; E. F. Ver Wiebe, Somerville. R. M. MIDDLEMASS, Chairman.   E. S. ALLEN.   E. P. CURRIER.   J. M. GROTON.   P. M. HENRY.   A. S. OLMSTED.   W. M. RAND.   W. G. WENDELL.   E. T. WENTWORTH.   O. G. WOOD.   Committee on Class Day Elections.

The rules drawn up by the Committee on Class Day Elections were accepted by the class, at its meeting last evening, as printed in yesterday morning's CRIMSON, with the exception of Section 6 (c), which reads corrected as follows:

(c) No person may run for more than one office or committee on the same day. Any candidate failing of election to an office is eligible for nomination to a committee or secretary, such nominations to be made by the Committee on Class Day Elections, or on petition of fifty eligible voters. Such petitions must be placed in a box provided for that purpose in the CRIMSON office, before 7 P. M., Tuesday, December 15.

The final list of nominations for officers will be published in the CRIMSON of next Friday, and the final list of nominations for committees and secretary will be published in the CRIMSON of Wednesday, December 16.

Provisional List of Voters Posted.

The provisional list of voters of the Senior class as compiled by the Committee on Class Day Elections has been posted in the Union, Leavitt & Peirce's Memorial Hall, Randall Hall, Gore Hall, Sever Hall, and the CRIMSON office. Every Senior should consult the list to determine if his name is on it. Men whose names are not on the list may petition the Committee. These petitions will be passed on by the Committee and must be placed in a box provided for that purpose in the CRIMSON office before 7 P. M. tomorrow. All men who are candidates for the degrees of A.B. or S.B. in 1909; all men who have received or will receive their degrees as of the class of 1909; and all men who are fourth-year special students shall be eligible to vote. But no man who has voted in any previous Class Day election shall be eligible to vote. In addition, men now in the University not included under any of these classifications, who entered with the class of 1909, and who are not officially registered with the class of 1909, may, on petition, vote.

The election of class officers will take place next Friday in the CRIMSON office and the election of Class Day committees and secretary will take place next Wednesday, December 16.

Other Business at Meeting Yesterday.

Other business transacted at the meeting was the announcement that the class buttons, which were delayed by the first manufacturers, would be ready for distribution next Wednesday. The question of wearing caps and gowns was also brought up, and it was moved and voted that the class would wear them in the morning after May 1.