All Candidates for University Squad Called Out.--Yale's Prospects.

Candidates for the entire University baseball squad will report at the Cage this afternoon for the first practice of the season. The work for the first week, which will be carried on daily under the supervision of Coaches Pieper and Castle, will be in passing and in fielding grounders. There will be no batting practice for the University squad this week. Today, all candidates for fielding positions on the team will report in one squad at 3 o'clock. If the number of candidates is too large for the capacity of the Cage, they will be divided into smaller squads.

The battery candidates for the University and Freshman teams, who were called out two weeks ago in order to limber up and to avoid sore arms, will continue to report at the usual hours every afternoon. The pitchers will use only straight balls this week, but should be able to show a slight increase of speed.

The Freshman field candidates will practice daily at 4 o'clock. They will continue their work in fielding grounders, and will begin batting easy straight balls about the middle of the week.

Candidates for the Yale team will also begin work today in the cage. Although Yale has lost six members of last year's team, the positions left vacant can be easily filled by strong second string and freshman material of last year, and the team promises to be one of the best in years, especially in batting.

The men of last year's team lost by graduation are Captain Kinney, Camp, Madden, Meyer, Church, and Chapin, Fels, from the 1910 freshman team, and Williams, who played shortstop last spring, will be available for that position. Wheaton, who batted 450 on the freshman nine, will probably take Camp's place at second base. Cushing, last year's first baseman, will have a close competition with Coy for that position. The weak point of the team lies in the pitching. Van Vleck and Merritt are both in college, but conditioned in their studies. Parsons and H. Jones are the most likely men for the position. The outfield is well provided for by Church, Clifford, second on the batting list, and F. Murphy, one of the best all-round athletes at Yale.