Princeton Reversed Result of First Game of Series.--Score 25 to 17.

PRINCETON, N. J., Feb. 24.--In the second game of the series with Princeton the University basketball team was defeated at Princeton tonight by the score of 25 to 17. Harvard won the first game, defeating Princeton last month by the score of 16-13. The game tonight was fast and well played, and although 14 fouls were called on Princeton and 13 on Harvard, they were due rather to infringements of the rules than to rough playing.

The first half was extraordinarily close and evenly contested, ending with the score 13 to 12 in Princeton's favor. In the second half, however, the University team slackened its pace and the Princeton's team played by far the better game. Currie and Brooks were Harvard's strongest players, while Halliday excelled for Princeton.

The summary: HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Currie, l.f.  r.f., Keys, Ryan Allen, r.f.  l.f., Meese Wyman, c.  c., Clark, Thompson Almy, S. Brown, l.g.  r.g., Ryan, Warner Brooks, r.g.  l.g., Halliday

Score--Harvard, 17; Princeton, 25. Goals from floor--Keys 2, Meese 3, Ryan 3, Halliday, Warner, Allen, Almy 3. Goals from fouls--Currie 9, Clark 4, Ryan. Fouls called--on Harvard, 13; on Princeton, 14. Referee--C. Stratton of Trenton. Time--20-minute halves.