Class Swimming Meet Tomorrow

The annual interclass swimming meet will be held in the Dunster tank tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. There will be an admission charge of 25 cents. The program will consist of the following events: 200-yard relay race, 220-yard swim, 100-yard swim, 50-yard dash, a fancy diving contest and a water polo game. Silver cups will be offered to the winners of all events except the water polo game, and to the members of the winning relay team. All of the classes with the exception of Senior class are represented in the relay teams, and the meet promises to be a close one.

The class relay teams have been picked as follows:

Juniors--A. E. Mannheimer, B. A. Merriam, F. Allen, P. Withington, E. C. Cutler.

Sophomores--T. G. Aspinwall, R. F. Hoyt, W. R. Morrison, C. M. Pierce.

Freshmen-- L. Withington, F. King, W. M. Cooper, C. S. Whittier.

Entries in the other events will be as follows:

220-yard swim--P. Withington '09, H. Watson '10, F. R. Esterbrook '10.

100-yard swim--P. Withington '09, C. M. Plerce '10, R. F. Hoyt '10, J. Reed '10.

50-yard dash--P. Withington '09, T. G. Aspinwall '10, R. F. Hoyt '10, C. M. Pierce '10, W. M. Cooper '11, N. Pierce '11.

Diving Exhibition--D. B. Hill '08, A. S. Burnham '10, C. M. Pierce '10.

The water polo teams are not yet picked, but the squad is composed of the following: H. W. Hyde '08, F. Allen '09, F. I. Baker '09, B. A. Merriam '09, G. Simmons '09, E. Davis '10, J. Curtiss '10, H. B. Leonard '10, A. Lewis '10, T. Lynes '10, J. Reed '10, and C. W. Rice '10.

The men are being coached by Mr. J. green, Mr. James and Mr. A. McCormick of Brookline.