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Club Formed for Study of Socialism


A club for the study of socialism and kindred systems of radical economic thought has been established under the name of the Harvard Socialist Club. The first open meeting will be held in the Assembly Room of the Union next Tuesday at 8 o'clock, when N. Kelley '06 will speak on "The General Meaning of Socialism." This meeting will be open to all members of the Union.

The purpose of the club, as stated in the constitution, is as follows: "Since there is a wide-spread opinion that the present state of society is fundamentally imperfect, and that a basis of reconstruction must be found, the purpose of this club shall be the study of Socialism and all other radical programs of reform which aim at a better organic development of society. By Socialism shall be understood, the ownership by the community of the means of production and the extension of the functions of the state to eradicate the individualistic basis of the present economic system. The club shall also consider Communism, the Single Tax, and kindred theories."

To carry out such a study the following general program for lectures and discussion has been drawn up: (I) Exposition--Socialism in the United States: (II) Historical--The Rise of Socialism since Marx: (III) Comparative--Relation to Communism, Single Tax, etc.: (IV) Socialistic Methods in Present Day Governments.

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