In Stadium at 4.--To Decide Northern Intercollegiate Championship.

The University lacrosse team will play the final game of its season with Hobart in the Stadium this afternoon at 4 o'clock. This will decide the championship of the Northern Intercollegiate League, as Harvard has defeated both Cornell and Columbia and Hobart has defeated Columbia and lost to Cornell. If Hobart is tied or defeated the University team will be champion, but if Hobart wins, Harvard ties with Cornell for first place.

Admission to the game will be 50 cents.

The University team has had an exceptionally successful season this spring. On the southern trip all the teams were held to low scores and Annapolis was decisively beaten, 7 to 1. The team has developed a consistent defense and a fast and versatile attack. The line-ups: HARVARD.  HOBART. Goepper, g.  g., Donald Crandall, p.  i.h., Patch Thompson, c.p.  o.h., Drummond Cochrane, 1d.  1a., Rigel Wentworth, 2d.  2a., Buckholz Downer, 3d.  3a., Durfee Alexander, c.  c., Profit Vance, 3a.  3d., Petrie Smith, 2a.  2d., Bellringer Sheip, 1a.  1d., Wells Cobb, o.h.  c.p., Richards Furber, i.h.  p., Dwinnell