Technology Barely Defeated, 1 to 0.--Team Leaves for New York at 1.

The University hockey team defeated Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the Brae Burn Country Club in the first game of the season yesterday afternoon by a score of 1 to 0. Both teams played poorly, and the one goal made by Paine was accidental. The playing was slow throughout the game except for an occasional fast individual play. The lack of team work was conspicuous, and resulted in neither goal's being seriously threatened; during the whole course of the game Washburn had to make but one stop. The playing of the forwards was too open and scattered, causing Ford at coverpoint to have the puck in his possession more of the time than should have been the case.

In the first half the playing of the University team was perhaps a little better than that of Technology, though in addition to slowness and lack of team play it was characterized by poor passing. In the second half Briggs was put in at right centre in place of Morgan. The individual work of Gardner and Hicks showed improvement, but the team play was of the same inferior quality. The goal was made accidentally by Paine on an attempted pass in the midst of a scrimmage close to the Technology goal at the end of the half.

The summary follows: HARVARD.  TECHNOLOGY. Gardner, l.e.  r.e., O'Hearn Hicks, l.c.  r.c., Sloane Morgan, Briggs, r.e.  l.e., Paine Paine, r.c.  l.c., Kelley Ford, c.p.  c.p., Gould Willetts, p.  p., Billings Washburn, g.  g., Bakewell

Score--Harvard, 1; Technology, 0. Goal--Paine. Referee--Winsor. Umpires--Cate, Haydock. Timer--Davis. Time--20-minute halves.

League Game with Columbia Tomorrow.


The team will leave on the 1 o'clock train this afternoon for New York, where they will play their first league game with Columbia at the St. Nicholas Rink tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. The following men will be taken on the trip: J. P. Willetts, captain, T. Briggs, S. S. Ford, G. P. Gardner, S. T. Hicks, R. Hornblower, H. C. Leslie, W. F. Morgan, J. A. Paine, T. S. Sampson, F. A. B. Washburn, Coach Winsor, Manager Cate, and Trainer Quinn.

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