Great Improvement Shown by Harvard Over Work in Bates Game.

The University team defeated Bowdoin in a fast game on Saturday by the score of 17 to 0. Harvard had little difficulty in gaining through and outside the opposing tackles; but the centre of the Bowdoin line was very strong. Harvard showed great improvement over its work in the Bates game. O'Flaherty at quarterback and Frothingham, who took Corbett's place early in the game, played brilliantly. O'Flaherty ran the team very well, used a good selection in his plays, sent off three forward passes without a failure and made several brilliant runs. Frothingham made a sensational dodging run of 45 yards after catching a punt, and several other times made long gains by beautiful running. In the line all the regulars played an aggressive game. Fish often was under a punt before the ends reached the man, McKay opened holes and Fisher and West tackled hard and blocked well. The fumbles, which were still numerous, were caused mainly by excitement and nervousness, as a number of men were in the game for the first time. Bowdoin, though the backs were heavy and fast, was able to make but one first down on straight football, and one on a clever end run by F. Smith.

Newman kicked off over the goal line to P. D. Smith, and Harvard put the ball in play on the 25-yard line. Corbett on two plays outside tackle made 20 yards. P. D. Smith was stopped on a centre play, then Corbett made a 37-yard run to Bowdoin's 34-yard line. Houston juggled a forward pass, but recovered it, putting the ball on Bowdoin's 21-yard line. Three line plunges netted fifteen yards, and P. D. Smith smashed through guard for the first touchdown. Withington kicked a pretty goal.

Bowdoin kicked off and Fish ran the ball to the 38-yard line. Harvard was penalized for offside on the second play and Corbett sent away a long punt to Bowdoin's 35-yard line. Kern fumbled but recovered the ball on Bowdoin's 37-yard line. Two plays netted them but five yards. Bowdoin then tried an onside kick. O'Flaherty ran it back 25 yards, but was called back on account of holding. It was Harvard's ball on her own 42-yard line. Corbett made ten yards outside tackled and then kicked, the ball rolling to Bowdoin's 5-yard line. Kern, who ran it back was tackled before he had gone five yards. On the next play Bowdoin fumbled, Withington falling on the ball at the 15-yard line. Corbett made another run outside tackle and scored the second touchdown. P. D. Smith caught Corbett's punt-out, but Withington failed to make a goal from a difficult angle.

Newman again kicked off for Bowdoin, G. G. Browne running outside on the 32-yard line. In ten plays, one a forward pass to G. G. Browne which netted eight yards, and a twelve yard gain by P. D. Smith, the ball was put on Bowdoin's 22-yard line. Frothingham had been substituted for Corbett, who hurt his foot slightly, and now Huntington replaced Houston at left end. O'Flaherty dropped back to try a drop-kick which missed the goal by a few feet. Bowdoin put the ball in play on the 25-yard line. The first three plays gave Bowdoin a first down. Fish and G. G. Browne spoiled the next play, tackling Farnum for a five yard loss. A long punt bounded over O'Flaherty's head and Frothingham ran it back along the side lines 20 yards to Harvard's 40-yard line. A double pass, O'Flaherty to Frothingham, gained two yards. Frothingham got twelve more outside tackle and then punted to Kern, who made a fair catch on Bowdoin's 26-yard line. An end play was stopped by Huntington, a centre play made no gain and Bowdoin was forced to punt. O'Flaherty ran the ball back to Bowdoin's 36-yard line, just as time was called for the first half.

In the second half McKay kicked off to Kern, who ran 22 yards to the 33-yard line, but fumbled when he was tackled, O'Flaherty recovering the ball. On the second play L. D. Smith, who had been substituted for G. G. Browne, ran outside on Bowdoin's 2-yard line, after receiving a clever forward pass from O'Flaherty P. D. Smith was sent through the line for a touchdown on the next play and Withington kicked the goal.


There was no more scoring in the game as substitutes were sent in repeatedly. Galatti at quarter ran the team smoothly. Harvard earried the ball to Bowdoin's 20-yard line only to lose it on a fumble. One forward pass was tried and failed. There was a great deal of kicking throughout the half, and fumbles occurred more frequently. The game ended with the ball in Harvard's possession on Bowdoin's 30-yard line.

The summary:

Score--Harvard, 17; Bowdoin, 0. Touchdowns--P. D. Smith, 2; Corbett. Goals from touchdown--Withington, 2. Referee--J. B. Pendleton, Bowdoin. Umpire--A. L. Sharpe, Yale. Field-judge--S. A. Cobb. Head linesman--A. B. Farmer, Dartmouth. Linesmen--Wendell and Soule. Time--20 and 15-minute halves.

Harvard.  Bowdoin.Houston, Huntington, l.e.  r.e., HurleyMcKay, l.t.  r.t., CrosbyWest, O'Hare, l.g.  r.g., HastingsWithington, c.  c., KingFisher, Stowe, r.g.  l.g., PrattFish, Forster, r.t.  l.t., NewmanG. G. Browne, L. D. Smith, R. C. Brown, r.e.  l.e., E. SmithO'Flaherty, Galatti, q.b.,  q.b., SullivanCorbett, Frothingham, l.h.b.  r.h.b., FarnumH. C. Leslie, Pierce, r.h.b.,  l.h.b., F. SmithP. D. Smith, Morrison, f.b.  f.b., Ker