Assembles at 8.45 to March to Stadium.--Yard to be Illuminated.

Every undergraduate is expected and urged to be on hand today and tomorrow to participate in the celebrations connected with the inauguration of President Lowell. The success of the torchlight procession from the Yard to the Stadium depends entirely on the number and the enthusiasm of the students who are present. The various classes will assemble in the Yard at 8.45 o'clock sharp at the following places: Seniors in front of University Hall, Juniors in front of Weld Hall, Sophomores in Front of Grays Hall, Freshmen in front of Matthews Hall. Everyone is requested to be on hand very promptly as the schedule has been arranged according to time.

The Program for the Parade.

The parade will be headed by Kanrick's band and the classes will from, in order, behind. The column will march down Boylston Street into the Stadium, where the spectators will be seated in those sections which are in the bowl. The classes will assemble at the south end of the Stadium to cheer President Lowell, who will occupy a seat in section 19. There will be a large display of fireworks outside the Stadium at the North end, in addition to hundreds of lights in and around the Stadium, and each undergraduate will be equipped with a torch and a stick of red fire.

After the celebration has ended the students and band will march back to the Yard, and the procession will not disband until the Yard is reached.

Every student who expects to march in the procession must procure a torch, a red sash to be worn over the right shoulder, and a stick of red fire. These outfits may be obtained at the Co-operative today, until 6 o'clock, for the nominal price of $1. This price is barely sufficient to cover the expenses of the parade such as: fireworks, illuminating facilities, police protection, and incidentals. Though it is supposed that a sufficient number of outfits have been ordered, it is essential that everyone should secure his as early as possible.

Illumination of Yard.

In order to increase the illumination of the Yard, the management requests that every window in those dormitories which front on the Yard shall be brilliantly lighted from 8.30 to 10.30 P. M. this evening. Every building should be ablaze with light.

The following have been appointed "marshals for the parade and will meet in the Assembly Room of the Union at 12.30 today, to receive their badges: E. C. Bacon '10, G. H. Balch '12, G. G. Browne '10, H. C. Pewey '12, W. H. Fernald '12, H. Fish, Jr., '10, R. T. Fisher '12, W. P. Fuller '10, H. L. Gaddis '12, G. P. Gardner '10, R. L. Groves '10, C. Hann '11, E. Harding '11, H. Jacques '11, C. L. Lanigan '10, C. C. Little '10, S. A. Sargent '10, L. C. Seaverns '10, P. D. Smith '11, A. Sweetser '11, J. E. Waid '10, H. de Windt '12, P. Wyman '10.

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