Honors in Literature Requirements

Any undergraduate who wishes to try for Honors in Literature must present a program of courses and subjects for the approval of the Chairman of the Committee on Honors in Literature not later than the end of his Junior year. These honors are awarded at graduation. Their purpose is two-fold: to offer a plan, supplementary to the existing schemes for honors, that will encourage undergraduates to combine reading in the Classics with reading in the Modern Languages, and to offer students an opportunity to count private reading as well as work done in connection with courses.

The requirements are as follows:

(1) A good reading knowledge of at least two languages--one Ancient and one Modern--besides English. In some cases this knowledge is subject to a special written examination.

(2) An amount of reading in at least two literatures--one Ancient and one Modern--which shall be satisfactory to the Committee. The total amount will ordinarily be equivalent to the reading done in six courses.

(3) An acquaintance with the general history of two literatures--one Ancient and one Modern--tested by examination.


(4)A thorough study of two special subjects, chosen by the candidate, with the approval of the Committee, one Ancient and one Modern. At the discretion of the Committee, a subject involving the study of more than one literature, and representing both the Ancient and Modern side, may be counted as two subjects.

The examinations for Honors in Literature are all held toward the end of the candidate's Senior year. In addition to the written test mentioned above, there is a general oral examination on the selected fields of study.