On Days of West Point and Cornell Games.--Student Council Censure.

At the request of the Student Council, the CRIMSON Publishes today some figures in regard to cutting on the days of important football games.

On the day of the Cornell game 74 men cut their 12 o'clock lectures, and the total number of cuts between 9 and 1 o'clock was 294.

Cutting was excessive on the Saturday of the West Point game and on the Friday afternoon preceding. On Saturday the total number up to 1 o'clock was 397, and on Friday afternoon 100, making 497 cuts for the two days which were chargeable in part to the football game.

On the Saturday of the Brown game, which did not begin until 3 o'clock, there were 424 cuts, divided as follows: 1.30 o'clock lectures, 61; 12 o'clock, 70; 11 o'clock, 88; 10 o'clock, 134; 9 o'clock, 71.

It is impossible to say how many of these were cases of illness or of absence for legitimate reasons, but the average number of absences for illness does not exceed 30 per day. Consequently the interference with studies caused by the games seems to have been very considerable.

This wholsale cutting of lectures on the days of big games is one of the bad features of a football season. More than once in the past it has been used as an argument for the abolition of football and may be so used again. In order that the present satisfactory status of athletics may be preserved without Faculty interference, cutting in connection with football games must be materially reduced.

Statement From the Council.

"The Student Council wishes the undergraduates to realize that by cutting their lectures on the days of football games, they are furnishing one of the strongest arguments against football. Accordingly the Council urges men not to allow the football games to interfere with their attendance at lectures, either tomorrow or on the day of the Yale game."

Executive Committee for the Council, G. P. GARDNER, JR.   E. C. BACON.   H. FISH, JR.   S. A. SARGENT, JR.