University Calendar

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

Tuesday, November 23.

**MORNING PRAYERS. Rev. P. R. Frothingham. Subject: "Presumptuous Sins." Appleton Chapel, 8.45 A. M.

*GEOLOGICAL CONFERENCE. "The Meteorology of the North Polar Region." Professor Ward. Review of three recent text-books on Igneous Rocks. Professor Wolff. Mineralogical Lecture Room, 4.30 P. M.

LECTURES ON BEAUTY AND USE. V. "The Plastic Arts." Dr. H. M. Kallen. Emerson F, 4.30 P. M. Open to members of the University and of Radcliffe College.

EXPOSITION OF CHAMBER MUSIC. Mr. Whiting, assisted by Miss Laura Kelsey, Mr. George Barrere, and Mr. Alwin Schroeder. New Lecture Hall, 8 P. M. Open only to officers and students of the University.