Progress on Artificial Rink in Boston

Rapid advancement is being made on the new artificial ice rink at the corner of Massachusetts avenue and St. Botolph street, Boston. On October 11 ground was broken and since that time the work has progressed so far that the concrete foundation is now finished and the brick and steel superstructure begun. The building will be finished in time for the hockey game between Princeton and Dartmouth on January 12.

In this rink, to be known as The Boston Arena, special arrangements have been made to accommodate spectators and players in the intercollegiate hockey games. Seats, arranged in the arena pit form, will provide for about 5,000 spectators. Under the seats 16 locker-rooms with shower baths have been set aside for the players, and the ice surface, 90 by 250 feet, will afford a hockey rink much larger than that in the St. Nicholas Rink in New York.

The two 75-ton refrigerating machines, which will provide the ice, are to be located in a building entirely separate from the arena, thus preventing the dampness of atmosphere so objectionable in most artificial rinks. The management has taken special pains to make the air pure and healthful at all times and by a unique process it will be changed every ten minutes.

Besides the hockey rink there will be a small sheet of ice reserved for curling and on special days the whole building will be given over to a private club when pleasure skating only will be permitted.

After the close of the skating season in March, a section floor will be laid so that the arena may be used for exhibition purposes. During July and August 110,000 tons of ice a day will be manufactured by the plant.


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